Sales Representative Program


    Bali Designs Inc nation's largest inventory holder of Bali Jewelry seeking experienced Independent Jewelry Sales Reps. Commission structure and bonuses that reward your sales achievements. Customer Service team is available to increase sales. Below is complete detail of this program:


    Sales commission detail:


    1. In person first-time sale with any new customer 15%

    2. On-going in-person or non-contact sales 10%, In order to keep getting non-contact sales commission salesperson has to bring in person minimum of 2 sales per month. In case if cannot bring that ongoing sales commission will not be accumulated.

    3. Sales commission will be paid after 30 days of sales when the customer return period will be over.

    4. Sales made to those customers who are already with bali designs, commission for those customers will be paid only on in-person sales. Rest all other sales will not be count in salesperson sales as those customers are already bali designs customers. Salesperson ongoing sales commissions are only for those customers which that salesperson adds as new customers to Bali designs.

    5. In case of sales return or dispute those sales will be reduced from the calculation of sales commission and the same commission amount will be readjusted.

    6. Bali Designs will only pay sales commission, all other expenses while doing sales trip will be paid by the salesperson.

    7. Any kind of loss or damage of any kind bali designs will not be responsible for that. Sales person will be completely responsible for all such issues.

    8. Any kind of false information or wrong sales practice sales salesperson will be completely responsible for such issues and in case if that happen bali designs will withdraw our line from the salesperson.


    All the sales will be made on cash basis which will be paid only by below options:


    1. Credit card.

    2. PayPal

    3. Square invoices

    4. Zelle

    5. Venmo

    6. Wire transfer

    7. Check (shipments will be only shipped after the check is cleared)


    For sales we are going to provide below options:


    1. Our sales order platform on which salesperson will take orders. For this we use Shopify POS app which sales person can download on his own device and we will provide login detail to access it. To learn how this app work please visit below link to learn about it:

    2. Digital catalog which sales person can print at their own expense. The link for those catalogs is as follows:

      Beads and findings catalog:

       Jewelry Catalog Customer Version:

       Jewelry Catalog Vendor Version:

       Monthly update of new catalog will be provided to get all the new products to showcase your customer. In our catalog we have all the hyperlinks from which you can directly click and see the products online. We also provide vendor version of catalog in which we have no name so your customers can also sell using our catalog.

    3. Actual sample line can be provided, for that salesperson has to pay 50% of sales value of the samples which they want to carry, that amount will be refunded when sales person will return the line.

    4. Bali designs will do all kind of promotions to boost sales for sales person and they will get a commission on all those sales for their respective customers.

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